Sarah M Brown

CarpentryCon 2018


I’m giving a talk and presenting a poster on using load magic in Jupyter notebooks for teaching with the Carpentries and how we could better organize curriculum to support this teaching style at CarpentryCon in Dublin. The slides and poster are both available on the conference Github repository.

Race & AI Panel

ML at Berkeley


I gave at talk to Berkeley undergraduates at the Machine Learning at Berkeley (ML@B) general meeting. I talked about work in progress and we had a great discussion interpreting the results. They asked great questions about both technical details of the work and the broader implications and positioning of the work.

Data Carpentry at NSBE

CMU ML Lunch

Data Carpentry Certified Instructor


Now that I’ve received my certificate, it’s official, I’m a Data Carpentry instructor. To do this, I completed a two day training, submitted a pull request to a Data Carpentry lesson, and passed a teaching demonstration.

UC Berkeley Chancellor's Postdoctoral Fellow