Intro to LaTeX

This is a hands-on workshop I have delivered on multiple occasions.  In this workshop, I provide an introduction and motivation for why $latex LaTeX$ is an important tool to know for engineering students and especially those interested in research.  Then we work through the components of a $latex LaTeX$ project using a sample physics lab report as an example to expose a number of features.  This is a hands-on workshop, so participants must have computers with internet access in order to reach the tutorial materials and practice along the way.  All tutorial activities take place within the browser, leveraging a cloud-based $\LaTeX$ compiler and editing environment, so an ongoing internet connection is required for the duration of the workshop.   This workshop is best for 90 minute blocks, but can be shortened or lengthened.  It is easiest for people with some programming experience, any language so as to be familiar with core programming concepts (editor, compiler, debugging, etc) but does not require any $latex LaTeX$ experience or specific language experience.

#Sample Abstract

Have you ever struggled to put together a lab report, fighting the equation editor in your word processor every step of the way?  Are you on the way to your first technical publication, but having trouble getting the template for Word to cooperate?  Are you planning to go to graduate school and looking for a pain-free way to manage all of your writing?  If yes to any of these, $latex LaTeX$ is the tool for you. $latex LaTeX$ is a programming language it can do everything a standard language can, but it’s designed for producing beautiful documents.  When you compile, the result is a well formatted, consistent pdf, with all the features you could want.  In this tutorial, we’ll start from zero, and get you up to speed with $latex LaTeX$ basics and you’ll leave with a number of resources to keep working on your own and become a master of well formatted documents.  If you’re not a programmer, don’t worry, $latex LaTeX$ is simple to learn and can be used for just basics or to create documents as complex as you want.