In my teaching, I aim to engage learners in a conversation about the material. I take care to practice the strategies for creating an inclusive computer science learning environment I learned in the Carpentries instructor Training.

Computer Systems and Programming Tools

This is a new course that I designed to fill gaps identifies by students and

Machine Learning for Science and Society
Programming for Data Science

My key revisions to this course have been to:

  • more code inspection

  • more authentic tasks in assignments

  • participatory live coding instruction

  • mastery based grading

  • more, smaller assignments

I also wrote a workshop paper on the design of the course

Data & Society

a required course in the Brown University MS in DS

Short Courses#

Packaging and Publishing in Python

a lesson on how to organize, package, and document a python project in the Carpentries Incubator

Software Carpentry Workshop at UCSF

I taught the python sections of the two day Software Carpentry workshop hosted by the UCSF Library March 10-11, 2018.

I used the SWC Python Gapminder curriculum with minor modifications to emphasize extra features of jupyter notebooks. I used github to manage the student downloads (by .zip files) and the final post workshop content and documented the process I used to for setup with this jupyter notebook.

Bayesian Nonparametric Guest Lectures

I guest lectured in my PhD adviser Jennifer Dy’s graduate machine learning course. I taught two lectures, the first introducing bayesian nonparamerics with the Dirichlet Process/ Chinese Restaurant Process and the second extending to the Indian Buffet Process.