Million Women Mentors Pledge#

Happy National Mentoring Month!

Mentors have shaped my career and experience greatly so far.  They’ve opened doors, provided insights, and helped me make connections countless times.  Some are direct, some are more distant, some advocate on my behalf, others just push me to do things I keep avoiding.  All are valuable.

Mentoring others has inspired me and allowed me to reflect and grow in surprising ways.  Watching my mentees excel has even made me believe in myself at times when I wasn’t sure I was capable of what finishing what I’ve started.

Today I took the pledge to be a part of the [](”>Million Women Mentors movement that launched today.  It’s a really exciting initiative to create a platform to connect STEM professionals (men and women) “to reach at least a million girls and young women in the next four years and support them in their STEM careers and education.”  The movement involves embracing a variety of mentoring pathways.   It includes committing to “carve out a unique role and share learning, metrics and best practices” with the goal of increasing the number of girls interested in STEM.

I’m really excited to see what comes out of the project and my first step  in sharing learning is to share stories of my best mentoring experiences here.  My goal is to post at least 3 times dedicated to different mentors that have greatly influenced me.

Mentoring works! and even more importantly, it’s mutually beneficial.  Get involved.