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Graduate Cohort Workshop

The past two days I’ve been in Santa Clara, California, for the Computer Research Association’s Committee on the Status of Women in Computing Research (CRA-W) Graduate Cohort Workshop.  CRA-W is an action-oriented committee that exists to study and improve the status of women in computer science research careers.  The graduate cohort workshop is a two-day professional development workshop for women graduate students in their first three years of graduate school.  There are workshops and panels by senior women in the field from both industry and academia.  It’s also an awesome opportunity to connect with a larger network of peers who are all in similar research areas.

I got a lot of great advice and even more just timely reminders and refreshers of things I “knew” but weren’t at the front of my mind.  Most of the advice at this type of workshop isn’t life changing, a lot of the points are things you hear multiple times, but repetition is helpful.  The best part is the networking.  There was a poster session and ample breaks and meals together to get to interact and meet the 303 other women here as participants as well as the mentors.

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WiML and NIPS 2013

Last month I attended the Women In Machine Learning (WiML) workshop and the Neural Information Processing Symposium (NIPS) for the second time. For a second year, the conference was located in South Lake Tahoe, NV.

The WiML workshop was started as a co-located workshop to the Grace Hopper Conference and moved to be co-located with NIPS, a premiere machine learning conference, after a couple years.  The workshop was started by a group of women in the field after noticing how few women were at NIPS each year.   In the workshop, women researchers and students give presentations, we have a poster session, and close the day out with a panel on career paths.   At breakfast and lunch we get to network wither each other and senior women in the field.  The organizers also connect attendees into mentoring groups based on career stage and research interests.   This year was nice that I got to reconnect with a lot of the women I met last year.

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Million Women Mentors Pledge

Happy National Mentoring Month!

Mentors have shaped my career and experience greatly so far.  They’ve opened doors, provided insights, and helped me make connections countless times.  Some are direct, some are more distant, some advocate on my behalf, others just push me to do things I keep avoiding.  All are valuable.

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